These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about diving with Blue Dive, the Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas. If you have other questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call us on 0427 983 907 (+61 427 983 for those outside of Australia).

What about COVID?

Please see our COVID 19 Safety Plan Privately guided day trips on Silversonic or Calypso: Please rest assured – if COVID border closures prevent travel we can issue a refund less $100 admin fee or hold your entire deposit on file for 18 months (or longer on written request). With group dives on Silversonic or Calypso we need 48 hours notice and we will refund the deposit less a $50 cancellation fee.

Please see private charters page for cancellation policy for day private charters and extended multi-day trips.

scuba DIVING questions

What is the difference between Silversonic and Calypso?

Silversonic and Calypso are both superb, purpose-built dive and snorkel catamarans that run daily trips to the outer reef. Silversonic goes to the Agincourt Reefs and has exclusive access to the best sites. And it is superfast meaning more time at the reef. And Calypso mainly goes to the Opal Reef Complex and to the southern section of the Agincourt Reefs. Both catamarans visit 3 different sites in a day and spend approximately 1 hour at each site. You can complete up to 3 dives in a day, on both vessels.

What are the rules for flying and diving?

There are no restrictions on flying before scuba diving. The current guidelines for flying AFTER scuba diving, say you should not go to altitude (fly) within 12 hours of completing a single dive, or 18 hours when doing multiple dives. These rules also apply to skydiving, helicopter rides and hot air ballooning after diving. If you have less than 18 hours between diving and flying you will only be permitted to complete the first dive of the day. Most of our diving activities conclude by 2.30pm, this means you can safely fly out of Cairns airport anytime after 8.30am the following day.

What about the jelly fish and stingers – is it safe?

The more dangerous stingers all tend to stay near the coastline, sightings of stingers on the outer reef are very few and far between. However, between the months of November to May, we wear full-length stinger-suits for extra protection. The great part about them is they also provide SPF 50, which means you don’t need to lather your body in sun cream.

There is more than 4 of us but we are introductory divers, can we dive together?

Queensland dive regulations and PADI standards state that 1 dive instructor can dive with a maximum of 4 introductory divers. For groups of more than 4, we can provide 2 Blue Dive instructors, enabling you to all dive together. If you only wanted 1 Blue Dive instructor, then we can rotate the divers so there is never more than 4 diving at any time.

It has been raining a lot lately, will the visibility be okay?

The Agincourt reefs are located over 25km from the shore and are not usually affected by rainfall. Coastal dive sites, inshore reefs and islands are often affected by run-off and suffer a drop in visibility after rainfall, on the outer reef we don’t have to worry about this. A bit or warm tropical rain doesn’t impact underwater visibility.

Is there someone to take photos or can I rent a camera?

Complimentary photographs are included for certified divers diving with a private Blue Dive guide. If there are any introductory divers or open water dive students as part of your private group, we cannot include photographs as the instructor is not permitted to carry a camera.

For introductory divers and group certified divers, photographs are available for purchase from Silversonic’s or Calypso’s or AquaQuest’s onboard photographers.

Camera rental onboard the boats is also available. This cannot be booked in advance but all you need to do is chat with the crew on the day.

Is dive equipment rental included?

Yes, all equipment is included in the price and provided onboard the boat. Our divers are provided with a BCD, regulator including octopus, dive computer, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit and/or stinger suit. There is no need to visit us prior to your day of diving to try on gear. All gear is stored on the boat and we have a wide range of sizes.

I wear glasses, do you have masks with prescription lenses?

Yes, prescription lenses between -1.50 and -7.0 are available. However, please note there are only a limited number of prescription masks available. We cannot guarantee your exact prescription will be available on the day.

I haven’t been diving in 2+ years, can I dive with you?

If you haven’t been diving for 2+ years then we would usually recommend you take a refresher prior to diving. We can offer a 2-3 hour pool refresher session for $275 per person, minimum 2 people. Alternatively, if you book a private Blue Dive guide for your Great Barrier Reef diving then we can include a complimentary onboard refresher and skills practice on the first dive of the day.

I am certified but my partner/kids are introductory divers, can we dive together?

Yes, this is possible if you book to dive with a Blue Dive private guide. Your private guide will complete the mandatory introductory dive briefing/skills practice and take up to 4 guests on private guided dives. There is a maximum depth of 12 metres on these dives.

If you are booking the cheaper group diving options, then it is not possible to combine certified and introductory divers in the 1 group unless you all book as intro divers.

I am a certified diver but I’ve lost my certification card?

You can usually find your certification details online. You will need to enter your details below and screenshot details of your certification. If you can’t find yourself, you will need to contact your dive agency directly. If you were certified with PADI, SSI, NAUI or SDI/TDI please follow the links below:

How do I know if I need a medical to dive?

Diving is considered an extremely safe sport and has a much better track record for injury than many other adventure sports. However, certain conditions can raise risks with diving, particularly if you suffer from certain respiratory or circulatory conditions. If you do, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot dive, but you will need to see a doctor to get medical clearance and ensure diving poses no risk to your health.

Please see our Diving Medical page for further information.

Please also see our COVID safety plan.

Can snorkelers, certified divers and introductory divers all join on the same boat?

Yes, all boats that we use take divers and snorkellers. There are no boats in Port Douglas that take divers only. All sites visited are suitable for certified divers, introductory divers and snorkellers. The reef comes to within 1-2 metres of the surface and usually drops away to 15-25 metres deep.

Are the areas you go to affected by coral bleaching?

All of the Great Barrier Reef has been impacted by coral bleaching over the last few years, any dive operators telling you otherwise are not being honest with their customers. Fortunately, all our diving takes place on the outer reef, where the impact of coral bleaching has not been as destructive, and we still dive beautiful, healthy dive sites every day. We estimate that about 10% of the coral cover on the Agincourt reefs has been affected by the bleaching and have been heartened over the last 12 months to see new coral growth in many places.

Please contact us with further questions if you are hesitant to dive the Great Barrier Reef because of the coral bleaching. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the latest information.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Blue Dive Adventures highly recommends having both Travel Insurance and Dive Insurance for your peace of mind during your diving expedition. Travel Insurance is strongly advised, and you can easily obtain a free quote for liveaboard dive insurance through our platform.

In case of trip cancellations due to adverse weather conditions beyond our control, such as cyclones and high winds during the Australian summer months (November to May), refunds are not provided (Force Majeure). Comprehensive Travel Insurance covering trip cancellations due to poor weather is particularly crucial in these instances. Our policy does not permit refunds for cancellations within 60 days, making it imperative to secure adequate coverage. Additionally, Travel Insurance is essential for scenarios like flight delays, cancellations, or lost luggage, which could result in missing the vessel departure.

For the safety of all passengers, including divers and snorkellers, having evacuation and medical cover for scuba diving is strongly recommended. However, it’s important to note that not all Travel Insurance Companies cover scuba diving activities, and it is advisable to confirm your coverage with your insurance agent. In the event of a medical emergency, the associated costs for evacuation, vessel relocation, or medical expenses are the responsibility of the diver.


What is your cancellation policy?

Please see the bottom of our Prices page for our cancellation policy: We also strongly recommend all guests have comprehensive travel insurance when holidaying in Port Douglas.

What happens in the event the boat cancels due to weather conditions?

We very rarely have to cancel due to weather (an advantage of using 30 metre boats) however, in the rare instances we have to, we will move your booking to a later date or provide a full refund of your deposit.

How many passengers will be on the boat?

Silversonic and Calypso have a capacity of about 70-75 passengers. All the boats we use take a mix of divers and snorkelers, with there usually being 5-15 divers and the rest of the passengers snorkeling.

It is important to note that the outer reefs with the best visibility and marine life, the Agincourt and St Crispins reefs, are an 80-minute journey from Port Douglas. 30 metre boats, such as the purpose-built dive vessels Silversonic and Calypso, are designed to comfortably get through the sometimes ‘choppy’ seas we encounter on the way to the protection of the outer reef. Smaller boats find this journey tough going, especially if there is a bit of wind – so they either dive on lower visibility inner reefs or sometimes even cancel.

We choose to use 30 metre boats as it provides the best of both worlds for our customers – comfort and access to the best reefs from Port Douglas. This is something that the smaller boats cannot offer.

Do you offer catering for vegetarian, gluten-free etc.?

Catering for vegetarians is included in the buffet style tropical lunch served on board. For other dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free, please let our staff know when booking and we can order a special meal for you.

Are you allowed to smoke onboard the boat?

Smoking is prohibited onboard all dive and snorkel vessels – it is against Queensland Law and legislation.

Are prices quoted in AUD or USD?

All prices quoted on our website and in our emails are in Australian dollars.


Are these trips good for snorkelers too?

Absolutely – the best outer reefs that we visit offer the best snorkeling too. The Agincourt Reefs are world famous for their marine life. Wonderful privately guided snorkeling trips can be booked too. Just call us or drop us a line –


We have a rental car, is parking available?

All diving and snorkeling day tours from Port Douglas leave from the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina. This marina has a large car park and it is free to park all day. The marina is located at 44 Wharf St, Port Douglas, QLD, 4877. It is a 2-10 minute drive from most hotels and resorts in Port Douglas. At the marina you will find a small range of retail shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Upon booking, we will provide further information on where you need to be and at what time. Different boats and diving options have slightly different departure times and check-in procedures.

Can you recommend any accommodation?

Stay at one of the world’s coolest hotels – Thala Beach Nature Reserve is our partner hotel. We have a great divers deal only available booking through Blue Dive for those wanting to stay at this very special place and book through us.

Please ask us for Blue Dive – divers deal rates if you are interested. We can send you a rates sheet on request.

Kayak have an excellent guide to Port Douglas hotels.

Can you arrange marina transfers from our Port Douglas accommodation?

Yes, we can arrange transfers from most hotels and resorts in Port Douglas. These transfers are usually free, however, transfers from Thala Beach Lodge, Silky Oaks Lodge and other Mossman accommodation may attract additional charges. Please contact us to confirm if there are any additional charges for your transfers.

Can you arrange marina transfers from Cairns and Palm Cove accommodation?

Yes, we can arrange transfers from most hotels and resorts in Cairns, Cairns northern beaches and Palm Cove. Please contact us for the latest transfer prices.

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