Learn all the necessary skills to become an Underwater Photographer with Blue Dive, Port Douglas.


Let us introduce you to the art of underwater photography, where creativity meets wildlife, nature and diving – the perfect combo. The underwater landscape and its abundance of inhabitants have been of awe and wonder to many for thousands of years. There is still so much to learn and discover about our oceans and the deep mysteries they hold. Through photography we can tap into creativity, sense of adventure and discover a whole new world. This is what diving is all about and underwater photography will take that to the next level.

Underwater photography is becoming more popular than ever and it is getting more accessible as technology progresses. You might imagine that being a photographer involved lugging around heavy gear on your dive, but that is no longer the case. There are now more underwater capable cameras on the market than previous years and each year they improve greatly whilst being more affordable and compact. Technology is making it so easy for us to take beautiful underwater images while also being able to enjoy diving without too much hassle. Through photography and videography we can bring some creativity, science and discovery to our dives. If you’ve thought of learning underwater photography, now is the time to do it, it has never been so easy. Let us show you how!

Photo: Brooke Pyke


There is more to underwater photography than meets the eye. It’s not only about capturing memories, but it is a true art form with endless possibilities and countless subjects to choose from. Underwater photography really ties  all forms of photography together in one package. From underwater landscapes, portraits, animal behaviour, macro, wide-angle and people. It can also be a powerful tool for education, story telling, conservation projects and marine science.

Photo: Brooke Pyke


Many of you may already be photographers, creators or artists and are looking to take your skills underwater. Why not start now and learn underwater photography? You probably have a camera already, most models have a housing available or you can rent a camera from us. Get in touch and we can help.

Photo: Oliver Clarke


Ocean science and conservation is beginning to rely more and more on photography and citizen science. There are many projects around the world that need underwater photographers to aid in their research, so it can be a great way to give back and get involved while doing something enjoyable. Even if you’re not involved specifically on a particular project, there are organisations that you can submit your photos to. Photo ID projects give scientists a non invasive way of recording wildlife populations, migrations and impacts. For example Wildbook For Whale Sharks, Project Manta and Manta Matcher are just some of them. These organisations allow you to upload photos you capture of wildlife to their database, to help with monitoring the endangered species. Amazing right?

Photo: Oliver Clarke


The good thing about learning photography is that many PADI dive centres will offer camera rentals along with photography courses. Here at Blue Dive Port Douglas we do too! We have a professional team of PADI dive instructors who are also passionate underwater photographers. So if you dive with us, you will learn from real life photographers, who love what they do and can share their knowledge with you, all whilst diving on the beautiful great barrier reef.

Photo: Brooke Pyke


Our photography course will teach you everything you need to know, so you can go on to further your skills each time you dive. It will give you a solid base to work with and grow. You will learn all about basic physics of how light and colour are affected by water, general photography principles such as composition, aperture, shutter and ISO and how to properly expose a photo. You will also be introduced on how to light your photos underwater with a flash, how to maintain underwater photography equipment and the safe handling of a camera during your dives. Post dive you can also learn how to edit your photos with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to perfect the outcome of your images. Our photography courses are taught in private small groups with one of our instructors to ensure you get the most out of it with as much hands on practice as possible. The course can run over 1 or 2 days depending on the time you have available. It is up to you should you wish to do the course with or without a PADI Underwater Photography Speciality certification. Either way you will learn just as much about photography and of course you will get to take home digital copies of all your photos on a complimentary memory stick.


Send us an email or call us with your planned dates for diving in Port Douglas and we will get back to you with our current availability and prices on request. To get you inspired you can also check out some of our photography by visiting our Instagram @bluediveportdouglas

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Photo: Brooke Pyke

Answered! When is the best time of the year to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas?

Great Barrier Reef scuba diving Port Douglas

We regularly get asked this question by Scuba divers visiting the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas and Cairns, so let’s have a go at answering it.

Scuba diving Port Douglas
Scuba divers encounter a turtle on the outer Agincourt Reefs off Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. July 2020.

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Coral Spawning and Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving

Experience Coral Spawning from Port Douglas

 Coral Spawning Port Douglas

Port Douglas scuba diving takes you to some of the best reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and here at Blue Dive one of our highlights of the scuba diving calendar year is the coral spawning period.

Scuba dive from Port Douglas with us and we’ll take you on a trip of a lifetime to witness this incredible natural phenomena. Continue reading “Coral Spawning and Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving”

PADI Advanced Open Water in Port Douglas

Dive the Great Barrier Reef with Blue Dive

Are you a certified diver and want to develop your skills, learn new ones and become a more confident diver? Are you thinking of taking your PADI Advanced Open Water in Port Douglas?

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is your next step. Not only will you experience incredible Great Barrier Reef diving, you’ll also be certified to dive to 30 metres!

Want to take an Advanced Open Water course with a difference? When you take your PADI Advanced Open Water in Port Douglas with Blue Dive we also offer the exciting opportunity to dive Lake Eacham too. Dive at Altitude and experience one of the strangest dives you’ll ever make!

Lionfish on the Great Barrier Reef

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Learn to dive in Port Douglas

The PADI Open Water course with Blue Dive

Are you considering where to learn to dive?

Start your diving experience here in Port Douglas for some of the best Great Barrier Reef diving, professional PADI Instructors and a lot of fun!

At Blue Dive we believe in doing things in style and our PADI Open Water Course is no exception. After a day of pool training you’ll spend 2 exciting days diving the Agincourt Reefs. These phenomenal coral reefs are located on the Outer Barrier Reef which most other operators don’t travel to. We want to give you the best dive sites and the best experience and there is no better way to explore these pristine reefs than with Blue Dive.

At Blue Dive we believe in keeping our classes small so you have plenty of time with your instructor and don’t feel rushed. Our PADI Instructors are all experienced professionals and are as passionate about teaching as they are about diving.

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Exclusive Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving on the Ribbon Reefs

Are you planning your next Great Barrier Reef scuba diving trip? We know it’s not always easy deciding which area to dive and where to base yourself when there is so much on offer. Here at Blue Dive in Port Douglas we understand that when you are scuba diving Great Barrier Reef dive sites you want to dive the best of the best and that’s what why we offer daily trips to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. These reefs are known for being among the most pristine reefs of the entire Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef diving Port Douglas
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Seeing Turtles from Port Douglas

Following on from some great feedback about our last blog post we are going to keep on the theme of turtles.

Diving with a turtle from Port Douglas
Everyone loves the opportunity to swim with turtles

Every day when I take people out to the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas I ask my divers what animals they most want to see on their dives?  By far the most common response to that question is ‘TURTLES!’

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Diving and snorkelling trips aboard MV Monsoon

A very special way to experience the Great Barrier Reef is aboard your own private boat.

Blue Dive work very closely with MV Monsoon to provide private snorkel and dive charters from Port Douglas.

We run day, overnight and multi day dive charters from Port Douglas aboard Monsoon to the outer Great Barrier Reef. On these private dive charters where we have the opportunity to snorkel and dive on the reefs including the Escape, Agincourt, Opal, St Crispins, Chinaman, Undine and Tongue Reefs.

Monsoon reef charter port douglas

Monsoon is a 54ft (18 metre) classically styled vessel capable of accessing the outer reef in 1.5-2 hours depending on location. She was custom built for comfort both at sea and onboard, featuring the latest in marine technology.

The vessel can comfortably sleep up to 4 guests across 2 cabins for overnight or multi-day trips and boasts a large interior saloon and multiple outdoor areas for soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.

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Wet Season diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Here in Port Douglas wet season is upon us and what a magnificent time it is!

Stretching from December to April, the wet season is when Port Douglas and the surrounding area, including the Daintree Rainforest, receives more than 60% of its yearly rainfall.

Many locals call this time of year ‘the green season’ as the rainfall results in abundant growth in the gardens of Port Douglas and the surrounding rainforest.

Whether you’re coming to Port Douglas as an experienced certified diver, an introductory diver trying scuba for the first time or considering completing a PADI course and learning to scuba dive this is a fantastic time of the year.

The Coral Sea off Port Douglas is beautifully warm over the summer months with water temperatures between 28-30 degrees celsius (80-86F), no wetsuit required! Continue reading “Wet Season diving on the Great Barrier Reef”